Monday, May 9, 2016

#137 - apple

Walking to return some items to our street parked car, I saw an older Gentlemen harvesting apples with a basket and a stick.  He looked at me. i smiled and nodded. I wanted nothing more than a fresh picked apple. He hesitated. 'Would you like an apple?' he asked. "Absolutely. I would love an apple."


#136 - Squirrel!

Since watching 'UP!' at Dormont Park a few years ago, I yell 'SQUIRREL' when I see a squirrel. This is particlarly handy while mountain or trail biking and a squirrel is blocking your path.

During a spirited ride on Frick Park single track, I saw a tufty grey squirrel, yelled squirrel, watched him scramble up a tree, adjusted, rounded a corner, and shockingly yelled 'turtle!' as I came upon a ridge top, trail centered turtle, slowly making his (or her) way toward water.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

#134 - You're my wonderwall (of traffic control)

At the top of Polish Hill, stuck at the redlight about to cross (Take!) Bigelow, and the two 20 something vaguely broish dudes in the inauspicious civic in front of me start simultaneously crooning 'Wonderwall' by Oasis. Just before the second verse hits they both begin bitching about the length of the redlight in perfect synchronicity. The light turns green, the resume singing, then speed of into the distance.


#133 - Ardmore Boulevard

Old yinzers don't know any state road route numbers just long since retired road names, landmarks, and nicknames of roads. And will repeat some combination of the three when trying to explain directions until you understand.

'You got some good pizza aht there on Ardmore Boulevard.'
'Ardmore. By where you work. Good pizza!'
'Rt 30?'
'I dont know. Ardmore. Up from Turtle Crick.'
'Yeah. That's it.'



Thursday, November 12, 2015

#132 - Traffic

Some days getting stuck in Pittsburgh traffic is like being awaken in the middle of the night by your 5 month old daughter:

'Ugh, Goddamnit! Not again...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#131 - Extreme Couponing

Scene: Giant Eagle, Homestead.

A middle aged (but young at heart!) man is checking out of the self service.  The groceries are scanned and whisked away on the conveyor belt of efficiency. 1,2,3 coupons are happily scanned then deposited into the abyss that is the self service checkout coupon disposal slot. Suddenly! The next coupon is scanned, and a red screen pops up. Not accepted! The  man scans the coupon again and again, fearing the bored, slightly agitated couple behind him will subject him to some sort of internet shaming, possibly in the form of negative Yelp reviews of his as yet unopened Hostel for cyclists. He presses the help button, the light flashes, and before one can say 'your perm smells nice, lady' an overzealous Giant Eagle employee has her card scanned, some sort of magical code punched in, and the man's coupon accepted and disposed, all while exhibiting the incredulity that only a yinzer seeing a coupon being denied can muster.