Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#131 - Extreme Couponing

Scene: Giant Eagle, Homestead.

A middle aged (but young at heart!) man is checking out of the self service.  The groceries are scanned and whisked away on the conveyor belt of efficiency. 1,2,3 coupons are happily scanned then deposited into the abyss that is the self service checkout coupon disposal slot. Suddenly! The next coupon is scanned, and a red screen pops up. Not accepted! The  man scans the coupon again and again, fearing the bored, slightly agitated couple behind him will subject him to some sort of internet shaming, possibly in the form of negative Yelp reviews of his as yet unopened Hostel for cyclists. He presses the help button, the light flashes, and before one can say 'your perm smells nice, lady' an overzealous Giant Eagle employee has her card scanned, some sort of magical code punched in, and the man's coupon accepted and disposed, all while exhibiting the incredulity that only a yinzer seeing a coupon being denied can muster.


Monday, July 6, 2015

#130 - Air Brake

A job is a job is a job but there's something kind of rad about telling yinzer old timers you work at the Air Brake* and they all know exactly where you're talking about.


*now Wabtec. started as Westinghouse Air Brake.