Sunday, October 31, 2010

#45 - tunnel love

I guess this is more of a love/hate kinda thing - fairly unique to Pittsburgh is the speed (or lack thereof) at which people enter tunnels.

Which is why I propose the following:
At the entrance of each tunnel in Pittsburgh (or, at a minimum, the Squirrel Hill, Ft Pitt, and Liberty Tunnels) put up one of those big orange construction signs that says "Free Jeff Reed autographs at the next exit." Halfway through the tunnel, put a sign that says "Homeland security reports there may be a bomb in the tunnel" because we all know by the halfway point, everyone would have forgotten about the allure of a Jeff Reed autograph, realized they were in a tunnel, and slowed the F down. At the exit of the tunnel, a sign will be placed that says "Due to Jeff Reed killing the terrorists, he has blood on his hands and is unable to sign autographs."

I feel this would greatly improve the flow of traffic in and out of Pittsburgh Tunnels.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

#44 - Aiding and abetting a potential felon

I got lost with my new camera (Canon G12, stoked!*) in an industrial park in Hazelwood. Well, more accurately, I ignored a bunch of no trespassing signs to check out some cool decaying buildings. After cruising around for a bit, I realized the only way out was the way I came in - 1.5 miles in the opposite direction of my final destination. I found a gate, chainlink, barbed wire on the top, with just enough of a gap I could potentially squeeze my skinny pierogi ass through. As I stood and contemplated the gap in the fence, an SUV on the other (free!) side of the fence stopped, and with a smile, a passenger said "Need a hand there buddy?" I was obviously where I wasn't supposed to be, with a 5 o clock shadow, a little hungover, and these random yinzers were willing to help me navigate over a barbed wire fence.

I thanked them, sent them on their way, and hopped the fence with a bit more lightness.

*98% of the photos on this site are 35mm (Canon AE-1, older than I am) With the acquisition of the G12, I will be interspersing digital and analog - I'll always note which is which from here on aht.