Sunday, May 31, 2015

#125 - Crumbling Infrastructure

Private property but crumbling tracks less than a mile from where a derailment happened under a week before. The mighty falling.

Our shit isn't perfect here in Pittsburgh but at least we are surrounded by those who recognize a need for infrastructure, and a host of other commie govbmnt programs, to maintain a functioning society.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

#124 - Underwear Bike Ride

Joined the underwear bike ride randomly after encountering it at Market Square and letting the German in me take over.

Stripped to my skivvies and enjoyed the simplistic beauty of mostly naked yinzers riding bicycles in harmony.

Dipped and whooped and hollered up and down and around downtown, Southside, and north shore. Through the Armstrong Tunnels we were a wall of sound. Left the group at Penn Brewery to ride home, getting late for a school night.
Passed a couple yinzers cleaning the Station Square sandstone with some non-caustic cleaners 30 minutes since the underwear ride passed and they were still pontificating wildly about the 395 or so underwear clad who had rode by a short while ago.

Photo Unrelated To Underwear Ride Except Thematically.