Friday, April 23, 2010

#28 - Random Acts of Kindness

My dad swung by the other night. Fortunately I was doing some work outside the house, not sitting on the patio slamming beers. My wife was inside. It was a very domestic, tranquil evening, the complete opposite of the following evening.

The green Ranger I first learned stick on pulled up, my dad jumped out, and told a story that you would only be told in small town America, or small city Pittsburgh - he was about to leave costco when he noticed a young couple struggling to fit flooring into their Toyota Yaris. (tiny) The hatch wouldn't shut, and the driver couldn't put the seat back. It was a cluster and probably could have wound up on the internet as one of those 'oh shit' photos.

After some chuckles, my dad approached the couple and offered to help. He loaded the truck up, and followed them up the southside slopes (getting to the slopes means traveling up roads as steep as the hills of san francisco). Upon arriving at their home, he asked 'did either of you think to get my license?' Of course they hadn't. They shared a laugh, and offered money, but we all know that money is no good as long as we all keep performing random acts of kindness.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

#27 - Stoked on Pittsburgh

Those who truly 'get' Pittsburgh, be they locals, transplants, or expats, have a certain glint in their eyes when talking about the burgh that is truly amazing.

The people who see Pittsburgh as more than a city - a home, a friend, a family member. It transcends geography and is a part of us.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#26 - Local Celebrities

Without blue bloods, movie stars, worldly famous writers, playwrights, or artists, we elevate the celebrities we have to almost mythical standing. The athlete, the evening news anchor, the transplants made it big.

However, when they prove themselves an ass, on the field, on the screen, or off, we as Pittsburghers don't take kindly to half-hearted apologies and insincere promises of changed behavior. The grumblings may get quieter if the football is thrown well, but we'll all realize talent doesn't make the person.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

#25 - Bike Rides

I love bike rides that unfold like a well written short story. The protagonist (me, my bike, as one character) the antagonist (fucking cars), setting (the city), plot (bike ride, duh) setting (Pittsburgh) climax (Schenley overlook or maybe the cool down beer at Ruggers). The story might sound basic but it writes itself a little different each and every time.