Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#100 - Southside

"I love the Southside, warts and all. God Bless it. Have some gin?" -  paraphrasing my Irish mother-in-law


#99 - Small World


Biking home from work one day I saw a couple, obviously overnight trail riders, with maps and GPS's out trying to get their bearings in Southside Works. Offered my help and dissuaded them from staying in Oakland (it's up a hill! and not much to see!) and suggested Holiday Inn Ex on 10th.

Fast forward a few days and I'm out for a solo trail ride Southside -> McKeesport and back and headed southbound are the same couple - stopped mid bridge, asked about their trip - a couple from NYC who did a Cumberland -> Pittsburgh -> Cumberland ride, and couldn't say enough great things about Pittsburgh, Southside, the people, the food, the architecture. Arnold is a photographer and shared some of the images he took of their trip and the city.