Friday, February 13, 2015

#122 - See ID

All of my debit and credit cards have 'See ID' written on the back (after some crackhead stole my debit card in Erie in the early oughts and bought a Playstation. Different story).  I don't 100% get asked for ID but when I do probably 90% of the time Pittsburghers apologize. To which I reply 'don't apologize. I put See ID on so people will ask.'


Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I was a little bummed in the midst of a slightly less than stellar (normal) week at work. Hit up The Wheel Mill on my way home for spins and smiles.  The (run what you brung) bike I own is an All-Mountain (now referred to as an Enduro? I can't keep up with bikes); more like a sledgehammer when what you need at an indoor bike park is a surgeons knife. 
"What's it like running clipless pedals here?" - guy on a jumper-ish bike
"Eh, it's what I have.. I keep meaning to buy flats... but run what you brung!"
"Well, try my bike!" - guy

And after a shoe change to my vans a dude I just met let random me take his bike for a quick few loops around the pump track.  Exchanged a little small talk after I rode, work, kids, etc. A typical dude in Pittsburgh you'd probably never meet elsewhere.