Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

#102 - Glorious Pronunciation

The Setting: Valenciennes France, 2006. An American Engineer is out for dinner with a French Engineer and the French / Spanish interpreter after a two long weeks of training. A few beers are consumed. Some small talk about French vs. English languages, pronunciation, etc occurs.

"In Pittsburgh, we have several towns with French names. However, the pronunciation isn't quite correct."
(Interest is piqued among the French Engineer and Interpreter)

"For example, there is a town called Charleroi" ( American Engineer pronounced it 'ˌSHärləˈrwä-ˈroi')
(heads nod)

"And a place, which would be Nord Versaille"
(heads nod)

"We pronounce them CHARLEROY and NORTH VERSALES"
- American Engineer

(Hands thrown in air. Growns of disbelief.)