Monday, February 10, 2014

#111 - Seagulls

Seagulls. Ocean Pigeons. Flying Rats. 

They're annoying. And they poop alot.

But guess what? Eagles are back. Seagulls are hanging around.

The rivers are clean(er).

Another resource is being restored for its rightful owners - the citizens of the commonwealth. 


#110 - Icy Rivers

The second time in my life the mighty Mon has frozen.

Holy shit. All that power, stopped in its tracks.

Stopped by mother nature, and some polar vortex thing (note: Polar Vortex is an actual weather phenomenon; not some off-brand fleece apparel for the sporty minded available at your friendly neighborhood Kohls)

And that is it. We freeze. The river freezes. Time stops, or at least slows down while all we can hear is the crunching of footsteps and the deafening silence of sound soaking ice.


#109 - BBT

Pittsburgh has so many Bridges and Taverns you have to specify which Bridge Tavern you are going to.

"I'll meet you at BBT"
"Birmingham or Bloomfield?

#108 - Resilience

Shared a lift with a random Pittsburgher, a former semi-pro hockey player who was out skiing for the first time. An NHL team was showing interest when he had a career ending injury.  "I had a good run" he said, without a hint of regret.


I didn't want to talk to anyone that day, snowboarding alone, but the most interesting person on the bunny lift happened to grab my ear.