Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I was a little bummed in the midst of a slightly less than stellar (normal) week at work. Hit up The Wheel Mill on my way home for spins and smiles.  The (run what you brung) bike I own is an All-Mountain (now referred to as an Enduro? I can't keep up with bikes); more like a sledgehammer when what you need at an indoor bike park is a surgeons knife. 
"What's it like running clipless pedals here?" - guy on a jumper-ish bike
"Eh, it's what I have.. I keep meaning to buy flats... but run what you brung!"
"Well, try my bike!" - guy

And after a shoe change to my vans a dude I just met let random me take his bike for a quick few loops around the pump track.  Exchanged a little small talk after I rode, work, kids, etc. A typical dude in Pittsburgh you'd probably never meet elsewhere. 


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