Sunday, October 10, 2010

#44 - Aiding and abetting a potential felon

I got lost with my new camera (Canon G12, stoked!*) in an industrial park in Hazelwood. Well, more accurately, I ignored a bunch of no trespassing signs to check out some cool decaying buildings. After cruising around for a bit, I realized the only way out was the way I came in - 1.5 miles in the opposite direction of my final destination. I found a gate, chainlink, barbed wire on the top, with just enough of a gap I could potentially squeeze my skinny pierogi ass through. As I stood and contemplated the gap in the fence, an SUV on the other (free!) side of the fence stopped, and with a smile, a passenger said "Need a hand there buddy?" I was obviously where I wasn't supposed to be, with a 5 o clock shadow, a little hungover, and these random yinzers were willing to help me navigate over a barbed wire fence.

I thanked them, sent them on their way, and hopped the fence with a bit more lightness.

*98% of the photos on this site are 35mm (Canon AE-1, older than I am) With the acquisition of the G12, I will be interspersing digital and analog - I'll always note which is which from here on aht.



  1. A. Did we ever discuss you being "schooled in dreary Erie"? I can't remember ever talking about that tidbit....
    B. I am hoping to see some more of those "decaying building" photos.

  2. A. Yeah we did... I went to Behrend. I wanna say you mentioned working in a record store at the mall??
    B. Will do!