Wednesday, August 4, 2010

#38 - Weekend Backpacking

A quick 1.5hr drive from Pittsburgh lies Ohiopyle, home of whitewater rafting, cycling, the falls, and one end of the Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail (LHHT) a 70ishmile long hiking trail through the beautiful Laurel Highlands (duh). It has primitive campsites along the way, making it must-hit for backpackers in the region.

My father and I recently spent 3 nights and 3 days hiking about 36 miles on it, and since I did not have cell phone reception most of the time, and don't even have a twitter account, I twittered in my notebook.

Hike in was hot.

Air was thick I was dehydrated at the start but still could have used a starting beer at Falls City.

Alone and humid in campground. Clothes soaked to skin.

Wearing a wet bandanna around my neck I feel like John Waters or a lesser talented better known Hollywood type.

A mouse crawled across my back while I was sleeping last night. I want to keep him and call him Stuart although that might be a little weird.

Fleet Foxes S/T is the best thing to have stuck in your head where there is no sound but trees.

Whenever I hear music the next time I'm going to grunt and jump around like the boomerang monkey boy did in Road Warrior.

I hate Starbucks but I'm going to love the shit out of this coffee.

Flaming Lips - also not a bad thing to have stuck in your head.

Holy shit! It's Bruce Springsteen.

Hiking near a gun club is like hiking in Colombia.

Saw two wild orchids before they were eaten.

Harold was divine bovine.

MRE was spam.

Grundies = less chafing.

Frog the size of a Homie just ran away from me.

Third night sleeping on wood floor is the toughest. I actually miss soft mattress at home.

I can't believe I missed Father Flamethrower and Pittsburgh Policy at Excuses!

It's best to break long hikes into sections, like .7 miles to the rest area - same distance as my house to Dee's.

Diner food!

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