Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#86 - The Best of Humanity...

It often takes the worst of humanity to bring out the best of humanity.

I had begun to doubt the awesome of Pittsburgh about a week ago; yet another serious incident with a cyclist went down.  After two fatalities, at least one cyclist rehabbing in a wheelchair, and countless others dinged, hit, and scratched, the story of Colin Albright being chased down by a knife wielding road rage dickhead made me question my faith in the burgh.  I even twittered "If Pittsburgh is Americas most livable city, there must be some serious Mad Max shit going on elsewhere."  

I walked, I rode, and I saw things through a murky filter for a few days; but then I saw the love and the positivity that came out to help support Colin and  I realized that one lone sociopath can't bring this City down.

Colin Albright Fundraiser


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